Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Age Old Questions for the Sporting Mind

1) The Miami Dolphins have historically struggled to run the football and yet teams like the Lions and Bears have had continued success year after you think it's because the Dolphins have two flippers and these other teams like the Lions and Bears have four legs?

2) Why don't basketball coaches like Pat Riley and Phil Jackson wear their team's uniforms during games like baseball coaches?

3) What bra size is the Rutgers RAC?

4) Am I the only one that found it hard not too laugh when people kept referring to middle linebacker Bryan Cox as being hot headed...think about it.

5) Why does the NCAA allow Stephen F. Austin to compete in the women's basketball tournament?

6) Which of the following is most worthy of being the captain of the All-Alien Team?...Willie McGhee, Otis Nixon, Dennis Rodman, John Elway or Scottie Pippen

7) Why do they call it the Big East...most of the states out West are much larger like Texas and shouldn't there be another conference called the Bigger West?

8) Who has larger eyebrows, Martin Scorsese or Bobby Knight?

9) If they call Randy Johnson the Big Unit, what is David Eckstein's nickname?

10) Now that Steve Spurrier is their you think the GameCocks will have any trouble "getting up" for games?


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