Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Introducing The Lord Himself

The French know him as “le Demon,” in German he goes by “der Teufel” and when it’s all said and done, they call him “el Diablo” in Spanish country…Here at Sports Talk he simply refers to himself as “The Lord Himself.” In an age where privacy does matter, unless you have an affliction for public displays of humiliation, I will allow this man to remain anonymous, but do let me introduce a great friend, confidant, and the brother who suffered from fetal alcohol syndrome that I never had. As you will notice, Sports Talk has finally figured out the infant-like complexities of incorporating links to our homepage and out of curiosity, I’m sure some of you are wondering what “Sell the Knicks” is all about. Let me officially introduce The Lord Himself.

For the many years of friendship that we’ve shared, I don’t know any other human alive who absolutely lives his life by the success of the big three New York sports franchises: the Knicks, the Giants and the Yankees. He’s like a jock-strap to an athlete, a tampon to “mother nature,” a “muskrat” to a disabled person…he shows genuine support especially in times of need. However, there comes a crossroad in every man’s life when you have to ask yourself, do I continue to live my life in agony, or do I listen to Duke and throw in the towel before Apollo dies? As a New York sports fan, there is nothing that scorches my friends’ soul much like the embarrassment that tips off approximately 41 times a year at Madison Square Garden. The Lord Himself has finally come to that crossroad, and has admittedly listened to Duke.

His site, http://sell-the-knicks.blogspot.com/, is one man’s dedication, and I quote, “to the expediting of Isaiah’s departure, the advancement of the NBA’s marquee franchise, and anything NBA related.” Oh yeah, he’s also interested in matters related to your groin. I urge you to help The Lord Himself negatively reflect on what is forecasted to be an awful Knicks season and build enough momentum to finally get rid of Isaiah Thomas and owner Jim Dolan for good. Good night, good luck and be well, your resident basketball aficionado – Deuce.


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