Thursday, October 26, 2006

Dear JT: Week 8 Fantasy Football Questions

Dear JT,

What’s the status on Matt Hasselbeck? My only backup is Matt Leinert; do I need to pick up or trade for another QB or is this just a short term injury?

Michael Herman
Tuscaloosa, AL

JT: Matt Hasselbeck is expected to miss the next 3 games. Leinert looks to be the real deal and should only get better as the season progresses. If you have an extra roster spot available, it may be worth it to go out and pick up someone like Trent Green who should still be available and is likely to be starting within the next 3 weeks. In the event that Hasselbeck has any setbacks and Leinert hits a rough streak, Green could be a nice option. Vince Young is also someone that may get better as the season progresses and he gets more game time experience.

Dear JT,

Is Troy Walters worth picking up? You’ve got to figure that Oakland will be coming from behind a lot for the rest of the season and he might put up some descent numbers. My other QB’s are Delhomme and J. Harrington.

Jason Campbell,
Hamilton, NJ

JT: It looks like Walters may be Art Shell’s quarterback of the future but I wouldn’t bank on him to win many games for you this season. Start Delhomme and hold onto Harrington, he may turn into a productive fantasy starter for the fourth quarter of the season.

Dear JT,

How’s Greg Jennings ankle? Anyone on the waiver wire worth picking up to fill a roster spot?

Mark Scanton
Dallas, Texas

JT: By this point in the season most viable back up wide receivers have already been taken. Someone that continues to fly under the radar is Wes Welker, but fortunately Jennings should not be out for too long.

Dear JT,

Trade high on Vick or was last week his birthday?

Steve Wynart
Scottsdale, AZ

JT: Vick is going to continue to be the high risk / high reward type of player. He threw for 4 TDs last week but I don’t expect him to be doing that again anytime soon. Last week’s performance should at least start to keep defenses from stacking the box and open back up some of those running lanes.

Dear JT,

What’s the deal with Edge?! I’m in a league where receptions/yds are weighed heavily – keep him or dump him?

Frank Rosa
Los Angeles, CA

JT: The problem with Edge is that the Cardinal’s line is anything but what he had in Indianapolis. At this point in the season it’s going to be tough to get anyone of value for him so I’d say if you can trade him for someone like a Deuce McAllister do it, otherwise, don’t just trade to make a trade.

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