Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Dear JT: Week 7 Fantasy Football Mailbag

Dear JT,

What’s Larry Fitzgerald’s injury status? He was my team’s top receiver; should I sell now and see what I can get (win now) or wait and see (I believe the cards have a descent schedule towards the end of the season.

Nick Jansen
Jersey City, NJ

JT: Larry Fitzgerald was inactive for the game against the Bears and will probably miss 1-2 more weeks. It's been classified as a strong pull and maybe even a slight tear. Hamstring injuries like these tend to affect a player's performance throughout the year and need several weeks of rest to heal. The Cardinals do not want to jeopardize his future especially with the way the season has gone to date, but his return will be key in the maturation process of Matt Leinart. If you're in a seasonal league then I would look to see what I could get for him but only make a trade if you're able to land someone like a lesser known but more productive stud like Marques Colston along with another stud running back or receiver. Fitzgerald at 80% is still better then half the receivers in the league.

Dear JT,

Is it time to sell Edge? A tough outing against the Bears (36 carries, 55 yds!) and San Diego coming up. My other RB’s are Droughns and LJ.

Dave Hartwell,
Philadelphia, PA

I drafted Edge as a rookie and he carried me to my league championship and I've been a fan ever since, but it's time to sell (just not this week). The best time to have traded Edge would have been when he was traded to the Cardinals. The problem is the offensive line. The Cardinals are loaded with talent at wide receiver and Leinart is the real deal but the offensive line has been just that "offensive". If you own Edge, start him against Oakland and Green Bay because he should have great games and his stock will rise and then look to trade him. As with any trade, don't make a move just to make a move, you need to get value in return. The Cleveland line is banged up so I don't see Droughns emerging a solid No. 2 running back. I'd continue to start Edge along with LJ. If you're in a keeper league I'd hold him if you can, because I see next year as the break through year for the Cardinals.

Dear JT,

Matt Leinart – Real deal or too early to tell?

Steve Wynart
Scottsdale, AZ

I think Matt Leinart is the real deal. USC ran a pro style offense and he's proven throughout his high school and college career that he can handle the pressure. If you're in a league that allows you to develop players for next season, he's high on my list (although my philosophy has always been to develop running backs). This year Leinart will continue to improve and should be a decent number 2 option for the second half of the season.

Dear JT,

Almost every week the Eagles have had a different leading receiver; out of Stallworth (status?), R. Brown and Baskett – who gets the nod?

Ed Tomlinson
Cedar Rapids, IA

Aside from L.J. Smith (Go RU), you're playing Russian roulette each week trying to pick a receiver to start on the Eagles. If you have to go with one then when healthy Stallworth (key word being WHEN healthy) is the man. If he's out and you need a big game then Baskett is the man to start. The risk with Baskett is that he's either going to get you 100yds and 1 TD or 2 catches for 25yds. If you are looking for more of a consistent start and don't want to risk having a receiver give you zero, then go with Reggie Brown.

Dear JT,

Over 170+ yards for Travis Henry, keep him or sell high?

Mitch Camden
San Francisco, CA

With the emergence of Vince Young and the defense playing more inspired football Travis Henry has been on a tear. Remember though that he did this against the Colts and Redskins, both are suspect against the run. I'd start fielding offers for him now but ideally, try to keep him and start him in week 8 against the Texans, he should have a huge game and his stock will be at an all time high. After that game look to trade him away as he then faces Jacksonville, Baltimore and Philadelphia.

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