Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Fantasy Football and More!

Hey sports fan, now that we’ve heard Deuce’s growing pains of not making it pro, let me tell you a little bit about myself. Growing up football has been the one constant in my life. Every Sunday with unconditional love the National Football League (NFL) has been there for me. My first and most vivid memory of watching football was the 1982 Super Bowl between the San Francisco 49ers and the Cincinnati Bengals with a giant tray of hors devours (cocktail weenies, mini egg rolls, potato puffs, etc.). When Arnold and Dudley were lured into that bike shop...when they cancelled Great American Hero...when Edna's Edibles bakery burnt down...who could I turn too...that's right the NFL. When the New Kids on the Block infiltrated America's air waves in 1986 and created the term "boy band" I turned to the NFL and witnessed the creation of the Gatorade dump by Harry Carson and the Giants. The NFL is more then just a sport, it's a companion that I've traveled with all my whole life.

Much like when the Russians dropped out of the sky unannounced in Red Dawn, fantasy football seemed to come out of no where...but just like it took getting Gizmo wet after midnight to create the Gremlins, fantasy football as we know it today didn't just happen out of no where. I went to my first draft back in 1992 and walked out with a backfield of Terry Allen (1,201yds & 12TDs) and Chris Warren (1,017yds & 3TDs). At the time there was no internet, so we'd have to wait until Monday to check the newspaper to find out how our players did. Without really thinking it through we used 1pt per yard and ended up with scores in the thousands, which wouldn't be too bad if you had a computer to do all of the adding and tracking on. I remember walking out of my first draft thinking...I'm in love...and the love affair would last through today. Today we have websites dedicated to FFL and more stats, research, TV/radio shows then I could ever have imagined. Throughout high school, college, my wedding, the birth of children, the NFL and FFL has been a part of my life.

Several years back I started up a league with 11 of my friends to create the Moron Football League. A 12 team keeper league that is the perfect outlet to make fun of each other all the while keeping in touch with them. My friends soon realized that my team/organization (The Rich Breakfast Buffet Express) was operating at a different level then was like sending the storm troopers to fight Luke Skywalker...I had the force (force: n: fantasy football knowledge gathered through the years and developed into an extra sixth sense that enables one to determine which player to start/sit, who to draft, etc.). With the conclusion of the Star Wars saga and the explosion of FFL into homes across the country, I knew it was my time to start to pass along my knowledge of FFL.

I will begin to post frequent blogs dedicated to FFL and at the same time, I hope you can trust in me to answer some of your FFL questions. Please blog your questions or directly e-mail them to us at Look forward to hearing from you, JT.


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