Monday, October 30, 2006

Bush is Showing Considerable Growth

In professional sports there is often this talk of how "chemistry" plays a role in how a team performs. There is no doubt that a disruptive presence in the locker room can wear a team down, just ask Donovan and the rest of the now Owens-less Eagles how much easier it is to prepare for games this season. I agree that having the right team chemistry can help turn a good team into a great team, but not enough attention is paid to the chemistry of players' names. We are now 8 weeks into the 2006 NFL season and I still can't help myself from laughing when I hear the analysts talking about how the Saints' Bush is showing considerable growth…does hearing this on a weekly basis cause a distraction to the rest of the players? Below I graded some pairs of players on different NFL teams to determine the overall chemistry of each team based on player names:

GIANTS: Webster & Short - A+ - George was an ex-NFLer and Mam had a flat top…shows me they're born to play the game
CHARGERS: Lott & Heart - A+ - You can never have too much heart
COLTS: Saturday & June - A - They are a well rested team and ready for the long haul
TITANS: Young & Hope - A - Whitney said it best "I believe the children are our future"
EAGLES: Short & Barber - A - They focused at the task on hand
JAGUARS: Hunter & Webb - A - This defense knows how to catch their prey
49ERS: Slaughter & Battle - A- - Now this sounds like a football team ready to play
DOLPHINS: Hunt & Kimble - A- - The Fugitive was a great movie…your really feel for Dr. Kimble and all he goes through
PATRIOTS: Light & Bruschi - A- - Less filling but still tastes great
JETS: Tutt & King - B+ - They're living large
SEAHAWKS: Willis & Locklear - B+ - T.J. Hooker and Different Strokes were great shows
VIKINGS: Hunter & Blue - B+ - Hunter Blue is a great color
BROWNS: Frye & Pool - B - Reminds me of a good bar-b-cue
REDSKINS: Thrash & Fox - B - Aggressive defense
CHIEFS: Law & Shields - B - Too many restrictions will wear a team down over a 16 game season
BUCCANEERS: Moore & Rice - B - Nothing like a second helping of that San Francisco treat
COWBOYS: Green & Elam - B- - Reminds me of a nursery rhyme
RAVENS: Brown & Green - B- - These colors are very earthy and work well together
RAMS: Bulger & Looker - C+ - This has a very "swinging" 70's feel to it…in a bad way
BILLS: Price & Butler - C+ - This has a very Silver Spoons ring to it...and Ricky and Alfonso didn't seem like they could play
LIONS: Bell & Hall - C - Reminds me of school
PANTHERS: Gross & Baker - C - No one likes burnt cookies
SAINTS: Bush & Deuce - D - These two names should never be spoken in the same sentence
CARDINALS: Huff & Rolle - D - They need better conditioning…it's probably why they blew that lead to the Bears in the 4th quarter
BEARS: Grossman & Griese - D - Sounds like a bunch of guys that carry around dirty handkerchiefs
BENGALS: Houshmandzadeh & Smith - D - Felix and Oscar made a better couple then these two
PACKERS: Jolly & Moll - D- - Have you ever met someone that is happy about having a mole?
TEXANS: Brown & Greenwood - F - Why would you have Brown and Green wood…it doesn't make sense and neither do their game plans
STEELERS: Brown & Colon - F - Nothing wrong with having one but they definitely have a Super Bowl hangover
RAIDERS: Bookman & Schweigert - F - These two were definitely picked last in kickball growing up
FALCONS: Weiner & Beck - F - I hear he's popular for more then just his music
BRONCOS: Cox & Burns - F - Ouch

Based on my player name chemistry analysis above I would expect the GIANTS and CHARGERS to be playing in the Super Bowl this year…but as we all know, any team can win on any given Sunday…I just wouldn't want to rely on Cox & Burns.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Dear JT: Week 8 Fantasy Football Questions

Dear JT,

What’s the status on Matt Hasselbeck? My only backup is Matt Leinert; do I need to pick up or trade for another QB or is this just a short term injury?

Michael Herman
Tuscaloosa, AL

JT: Matt Hasselbeck is expected to miss the next 3 games. Leinert looks to be the real deal and should only get better as the season progresses. If you have an extra roster spot available, it may be worth it to go out and pick up someone like Trent Green who should still be available and is likely to be starting within the next 3 weeks. In the event that Hasselbeck has any setbacks and Leinert hits a rough streak, Green could be a nice option. Vince Young is also someone that may get better as the season progresses and he gets more game time experience.

Dear JT,

Is Troy Walters worth picking up? You’ve got to figure that Oakland will be coming from behind a lot for the rest of the season and he might put up some descent numbers. My other QB’s are Delhomme and J. Harrington.

Jason Campbell,
Hamilton, NJ

JT: It looks like Walters may be Art Shell’s quarterback of the future but I wouldn’t bank on him to win many games for you this season. Start Delhomme and hold onto Harrington, he may turn into a productive fantasy starter for the fourth quarter of the season.

Dear JT,

How’s Greg Jennings ankle? Anyone on the waiver wire worth picking up to fill a roster spot?

Mark Scanton
Dallas, Texas

JT: By this point in the season most viable back up wide receivers have already been taken. Someone that continues to fly under the radar is Wes Welker, but fortunately Jennings should not be out for too long.

Dear JT,

Trade high on Vick or was last week his birthday?

Steve Wynart
Scottsdale, AZ

JT: Vick is going to continue to be the high risk / high reward type of player. He threw for 4 TDs last week but I don’t expect him to be doing that again anytime soon. Last week’s performance should at least start to keep defenses from stacking the box and open back up some of those running lanes.

Dear JT,

What’s the deal with Edge?! I’m in a league where receptions/yds are weighed heavily – keep him or dump him?

Frank Rosa
Los Angeles, CA

JT: The problem with Edge is that the Cardinal’s line is anything but what he had in Indianapolis. At this point in the season it’s going to be tough to get anyone of value for him so I’d say if you can trade him for someone like a Deuce McAllister do it, otherwise, don’t just trade to make a trade.

Each week JT will answer your Fantasy Football questions. You can e-mail your questions to Be sure to put Attn: Dear JT in the subject field. Please include your full name, hometown and state. Be aware, due to the large volume of submissions received, we cannot guarantee personal responses or answers to all questions.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Dear JT: Week 7 Fantasy Football Mailbag

Dear JT,

What’s Larry Fitzgerald’s injury status? He was my team’s top receiver; should I sell now and see what I can get (win now) or wait and see (I believe the cards have a descent schedule towards the end of the season.

Nick Jansen
Jersey City, NJ

JT: Larry Fitzgerald was inactive for the game against the Bears and will probably miss 1-2 more weeks. It's been classified as a strong pull and maybe even a slight tear. Hamstring injuries like these tend to affect a player's performance throughout the year and need several weeks of rest to heal. The Cardinals do not want to jeopardize his future especially with the way the season has gone to date, but his return will be key in the maturation process of Matt Leinart. If you're in a seasonal league then I would look to see what I could get for him but only make a trade if you're able to land someone like a lesser known but more productive stud like Marques Colston along with another stud running back or receiver. Fitzgerald at 80% is still better then half the receivers in the league.

Dear JT,

Is it time to sell Edge? A tough outing against the Bears (36 carries, 55 yds!) and San Diego coming up. My other RB’s are Droughns and LJ.

Dave Hartwell,
Philadelphia, PA

I drafted Edge as a rookie and he carried me to my league championship and I've been a fan ever since, but it's time to sell (just not this week). The best time to have traded Edge would have been when he was traded to the Cardinals. The problem is the offensive line. The Cardinals are loaded with talent at wide receiver and Leinart is the real deal but the offensive line has been just that "offensive". If you own Edge, start him against Oakland and Green Bay because he should have great games and his stock will rise and then look to trade him. As with any trade, don't make a move just to make a move, you need to get value in return. The Cleveland line is banged up so I don't see Droughns emerging a solid No. 2 running back. I'd continue to start Edge along with LJ. If you're in a keeper league I'd hold him if you can, because I see next year as the break through year for the Cardinals.

Dear JT,

Matt Leinart – Real deal or too early to tell?

Steve Wynart
Scottsdale, AZ

I think Matt Leinart is the real deal. USC ran a pro style offense and he's proven throughout his high school and college career that he can handle the pressure. If you're in a league that allows you to develop players for next season, he's high on my list (although my philosophy has always been to develop running backs). This year Leinart will continue to improve and should be a decent number 2 option for the second half of the season.

Dear JT,

Almost every week the Eagles have had a different leading receiver; out of Stallworth (status?), R. Brown and Baskett – who gets the nod?

Ed Tomlinson
Cedar Rapids, IA

Aside from L.J. Smith (Go RU), you're playing Russian roulette each week trying to pick a receiver to start on the Eagles. If you have to go with one then when healthy Stallworth (key word being WHEN healthy) is the man. If he's out and you need a big game then Baskett is the man to start. The risk with Baskett is that he's either going to get you 100yds and 1 TD or 2 catches for 25yds. If you are looking for more of a consistent start and don't want to risk having a receiver give you zero, then go with Reggie Brown.

Dear JT,

Over 170+ yards for Travis Henry, keep him or sell high?

Mitch Camden
San Francisco, CA

With the emergence of Vince Young and the defense playing more inspired football Travis Henry has been on a tear. Remember though that he did this against the Colts and Redskins, both are suspect against the run. I'd start fielding offers for him now but ideally, try to keep him and start him in week 8 against the Texans, he should have a huge game and his stock will be at an all time high. After that game look to trade him away as he then faces Jacksonville, Baltimore and Philadelphia.

Each week JT will answer your Fantasy Football questions. You can e-mail your questions to Be sure to put Attn: Dear JT in the subject field. Please include your full name, hometown and state. Be aware, due to the large volume of submissions received, we cannot guarantee personal responses or answers to all questions.

Friday, October 13, 2006

College Basketball Preseason Top 25

Deuce’s Preseason Top 25

So, if you’ve finagled your way to this site, you must be a lover of either all things basketball related AND/OR fantasy football. You might also be a lover of threesomes (two women of course), man-scaping, the White Castle “suitcase” and midget leapfrog, however you won’t find that here…at least not yet! I, Deuce, am bringing to you our site’s first, and very own, College Basketball Pre-season Top 25. I just had to do it; ESPN, Sports Illustrated, CBS and all of the major leaders in sports media produce their very own pre-season Top 25 so I figured what the hell. Take it for what it’s worth, but I bring the perspective of a simple man who orders the DirecTV sports package just to watch Midnight Madness on ESPNU (October 13th)! Without further ado:

1. Florida
The defending national champs return their entire starting lineup consisting of 4 potential pro’s lead by Milli Vanilli impersonator, Joakim Noah. As long as they can handle the pressure and the challenge of facing everyone else’s A game, I see them back in the hunt for another championship. A so-so recruiting class that should contribute in spurts, however, there are no gaps to be filled with this starting five. The Gators feature and up-tempo style combined with harassing full court defensive pressure and the willingness to share the rock – bottle that up and coach Eddie Munster’s got something sweeter than Yoo-hoo!

2. North Carolina
They have the best low-post power player on the college level in Tyler “Psycho T” Hansbrough, and all returning key cogs from last year’s team minus David Noel. Add to the mix one of the best, if not the best, recruiting class in the country and the Tar Heel’s should be the cream of the crop in the ACC if not the entire NCAA. The freshman class offers 3 highly touted McDonald’s All-American’s in addition to 3 four-star recruits; the only issue foreseeable is cohesiveness and ball distribution although our little Roy toy had little problem meshing the ego’s on his championship team from two years ago.

3. Arizona
The Wildcats have been an underachieving bunch since Miles Simon and Mike Bibby left campus some years ago and last year was no different. They continue to successfully recruit All-Americans from around the country yet team unity has never been quite right. Four starters return from last year as well sophomore guard Jawann McClellan who had to watch from the sidelines last year as he was academically ineligible (shocker!). Hot shot recruit Chase Budinger, who should start immediately on the wing, will remind everyone of the good ole days of Sean Elliot. Now thinking about it, he may turn out to be the biggest bust of the 2006 class; the kids got red hair!!! Tell me, who was the last great basketball to sport red hair????

4. Ohio State
Greg Oden, Greg Oden, Greg Oden. Is he really the best center to arrive on any campus since Shaq? I’m not so sure considering much of his high school competition featured no one on the roster taller than six foot seven inches, but I guess time will tell. The rest of the freshman class is not so bad either included two other burger babies. Oh yeah, majority of the starters come back from last years Big Ten title team. Has anyone ever seen Greg Oden, someone has definitely tampered with his birth certificate, I mean he looks like a lab experiment.

5. LSU
Last year, the country was introduced to Glen Davis and LSU basketball. LSU landed in the Final Four last year after steamrolling Duke and Texas. Though they lost eventual first round pick Tyrus Thomas, and streaky bomber Darryl Mitchell, Glen Davis should prove to have too much girth for opponents. They lost a tense recruiting battle with Kansas over Darrell “Slim Shady” Arthur who would’ve complimented nicely with Davis. LSU should be able to leverage there tournament experience from last year and they will need to as ball handling and outside shooting are questionable.

6. Kansas
Kansas is the hardest team to read every year, bar-none. On paper, they are always star-studded (no different this year), yet when tourney time comes, they bow out in the Sweet Sixteen. Their top eight players each have the ability to earn player of the year honors with Brandon Rush and Julian Wright leading the way (both were voted by the coaches as preseason co-players of the year). Juniors Russell Robinson and Sasha Kaun provide veteran leadership and they’ll need it to prevent ego’s from getting in the way. I would love to pick the Jayhawks to make it to the Final Four, but to me it’s like kissing your 2nd cousin; at the time it might feel pretty good, but a few minutes later you remember that incest isn’t the best!

7. Georgetown
The Hoyas staple used to be hard-nosed, grind it out defense with a high-low, dump it into the post offense. Today, the defense is similar, but the new Princeton offense implemented by JT3 is reminiscent of Jimmy Chipwood’s Hickory Hoosiers. 7-2 Center Roy Hibbert and Mr. Versatility Jeff Green man the frontcourt, and look out for the “Big Ticket,” Vernon Macklin (he’s the class of 2006’s version of Donnell Harvey circa 1999). If the Hoyas can clean up their ball handling and outside shooting, they’ll not only conquer the Big East, but they’ll be dancin’ in March!

So you might be thinking that eight is a little too low for a team that lost to the Gators in the championship game last year. I’m thinking that they’re just not that strong. They lost the leadership of Jordan Farmar and replaced him with the game experienced, but the over-anxious Darren Collison; not sure if he can game manage this team yet. Josh Shipp returns from knee injury which should take the scoring pressure off of Aaron Afflalo. And, don’t forget “The Prince”, Luc Richard Mbah a Moute. His coming out party was the NCAA Tournament and he will be called upon to do a little bit of everything to help UCLA get back to the Final Four.

9. Wisconsin
The always successful, yet always overlooked, Badgers will once again make noise in the Big Ten and will shake up many a office pool as well. This team doesn’t posses nationally known players, accept of course for potential Big Ten player of the year Alando Tucker, but Bo Ryan’s boys certainly don’t mind leaving flesh tracks on the court diving after lose balls. Chris Rock look-alike Kammron Taylor provides experience at the point, but other than inside/outside threat Brian Butch, the bench is quite scarce; their best post-player off the bench, Greg Stiemsma is one pork-chop shy of a mixed grill.

10. Texas A&M
Most of America doesn’t know the names Joe Jones and Acie Law, but this critical inside outside combo helped to beat the likes of Texas and Oklahoma State last year, and would’ve been in the Sweet Sixteen had it not been for LSU’s last second buzzer beater by Darryl Mitchell. This team is for real and will pose a significant threat in the Big 12.

11. Alabama
Although Chuck Davis was denied a 6th year of eligibility, Alabama will be lead by the best pure point guard in the country, Ronald Steele, and potential first round selection, forward Jermareo Davidson. Sophomore Richard Hendrix adds significant beef up front, but the Tide will be searching for additional scoring options. They will go as far as the quick footed Steele can take them.

12. Duke
Josh McRoberts is ready to take the reigns as the next Duke star now that he will no longer play second fiddle to J.J. Redick and Sheldon Williams. If his back holds up and star recruit Lance Thomas can take some pressure off, McRoberts should challenge Tyler Hansbrough for ACC player of the year honors. He’ll be supported by playmaker Greg Paulus, the oft injured junior DeMarcus Nelson and a solid recruiting class. Points outside of the paint will be hard to come by and experience and leadership will be an issue.

13. Pitt
Not sure why I have them ranked so high, but each year I seem to be in awe of Pitt. Of course I picked Pitt to upset their way to the Final Four, but Patrick O’Bryant of Davidson deuced all over Aaron Gray (who’s extremely over-rated). They lost their fearless leader, Karl Krauser, which may actually be a blessing considering he was their point guard and took 100-plus more shots then the next Panther player. If Aaron Gray can continue to post double-doubles and successfullynpass out of double teams, this group of under the radar players, lead by off guard Ronald Ramon, should remain competitive in the Big East.

14. Marquette
The second best point guard in the country, Dominique James, and off-guard Jerel McNeal form a formidable backcourt, however Marquette does not possess any post presence. With Steve Novak now shooting bombs for the Houston Rockets, they’ll also be looking for someone who can consistently shoot the three. Tom Crean’s teams are always scrappy and find ways to win, this year should be no different.

15. Boston College
The Eagles were a tough play in their first year of ACC competition with a record of 12 wins (2 against UNC) and 5 losses. With the graduation of all ACC selection Craig Smith, Jared Dudley will be the sole leader of the Eagles with his veteran experience and gritty hustle. Shot blocker extraordinaire Sean Williams will anchor the defense while Sean Marshall and scoring machine Tyrese Rice will add offensive depth. The bench remains thin and they lack a true point guard.

16. Texas
Hook’em Horns! Seven of the twelve scholarship players are freshman! Throw away all of the 2005 statistics because not one starter returns from last years team. They’re only ranked this high because of the potential that these newbies possess lead by 6-9 freshman guard, forward, center Kevin Durant. He’s been tabbed the Big 12 Freshman of the Year and figures to be a lottery selection in the next NBA draft. Freshman D.J. Augustin will likely man the point and former Oklahoma commit, Damion James will likely do the dirty work inside. Obviously experience is a major issue, however this may be Rick Barnes’ most fun team to coach.

17. Louisville
Louisville suffered through some heavy growing pains last year with injuries to three of their top players, forward Juan Palacios, center David Padgett and guard Brandon Jenkins. The lone bright spot on the team was the inspired play of then freshman, Terrence Williams whose athleticism is unparallel. This year, everyone returns healthy and coach Rick Pitino brought in several impact freshman lead by the versatile, 6-9 wing Earl Clark and forward Derrick Caracter. Now, it’s been widely known that Caracter hasn’t been able pass up the fried chicken at the buffet line, but if he gets his weight down, he’ll be quite a complement to David Padgett. Look for the Cardinals to bounce back and do some damage in the Big East.

18. Connecticut
UCONN’s NBA-like roster of a year ago is in fact playing in the pro’s, making this year’s team one of coach Jim Calhoun’s youngest in his 30 years of coaching. The key to this year’s success lies on the shoulders of resident convict, A.J. Price. I know, I know, I should give him a break after he suffered from a blood clot in his brain, but come on…stealing laptops and trying to pawn them for money? Aside from that, he’s being touted as the next Marcus Williams and has the skill and poise to manage this team. Undersized, but overachieving forward Jeff Adrien and freshman Curtis Kelly will provide the muscle in the middle. 7-3 freshman freak, Hasheem Thabeet, should man the middle as long as he’s eligible. The wings are unproven at this time and the bench remains to be seen.

19. Memphis
Athletic freak Rodney Carney and super freshman Shawne Williams are hooping it up in the NBA while the dented can, Darius Washington suffers in the NBDL. Memphis is left with a very young but very skilled and athletic lineup. Sophomores Antonio Anderson, Chris Douglas-Roberts and Robert Dozier should provide enough of an offensive threat while junior forward, Joey Dorsey is a beast in the paint. Highly regarding freshman Willie kemp will start at the point from day one. Memphis will need to share the ball, force the tempo and have someone assume the leadership role for them to succeed.

20. Gonzaga
You can tell there’s a lot to overcome with the loss of Adam Morrison when the front page of Gonzaga’s basketball website is featuring Morrison’s NBA debut. However, sharp shooting Derek Raivio and guard Jeremy Pargo will pick up SOME of the scoring slack. Don’t forget they also lost double-double machine J.P. Batista which leaves an unmet void in the middle; they could slip from the top 20 if they don’t find a third and fourth option on offense.

21. Southern Illinois
We never know the names of the players, but we certainly know the name…Salukis. Historically the Salukis have been the dominant force in the Missouri Valley Conference, but with the rise of other mid-majors, they will be a big target come the regular season. With all relevant players returning, Southern Illinois will make a strong case for a tournament bid even without winning their conference tournament.

22. Tennessee
Not sure if the Vols deserved a two seed in last years tournament, but they did prove to be a major player in the SEC throughout the season. Leadership is in question with the lose of C.J. Watson, however sharpshooter Chris Lofton should assume that role. Dane Bradshaw is the type of hustle player that you hate to play against, but love to have on your team. Forward Duke Crews anchors a great freshman class and they will need to be great with the recent suspension of forward Major Wingate. The season might be full of uncertainty and Bruce Pearl might be sweatin’ it out, and I tell ya, this guy sweats more than George Bush in a room full of Athiests!

23. Kentucky
An interesting mix of players who have yet to live up to their potential. Former Micky D’s All-American Joe Crawford should be piling up the points but has had trouble adjusting to team ball. The loss of Rajon Rondo and Patrick Sparks leaves a leadership and backcourt void. Then there is the enigma, the Vice President of Lazy…Randolph Morris. Touted as a potential first round pick as a high school senior, he has never quite lived up to the hype and has struggled on and off the court. Because of Tubby Smith and because Kentucky is Kentucky, they get the courtesy of being named to the top 25.

24. Illinois
Coach Bruce Weber has some returning talent, but Illinois will certainly miss the leadership and enthusiasm of Dee Brown as well as the inside consistency of James Augustine. These losses cause major voids as the returning players haven’t had the opportunity to be go-to guys. This season may indicate just how good a coach Bruce Weber really is.

25. Hofstra
They sport a great backcourt trio, similar to a poor mans version of last years Villanova squad. I won’t bother naming any of their players since you’ve never heard of them, but I tell you this; have pride in the Pride as they’ll be playing with a chip on their shoulder having been low-balled by the selection committee last year. Inside presence will be a problem as they rely too much on their backcourt.

Honorable Mention (in no particular order):

Syracuse: Last year the Orange Men needed another improbable Big East tournament run to make the big dance and I think year will be much harder. They’ll look to freshman defender-extraordinaire Paul Harris to lead the way.
Kansas St: The new thugs of college basketball and its no surprise with a coach who’s old team wore that badge. They steal a committed recruit from Bobby Lutz and sign a former Cincinnatti recruit accused of rape, some things don’t change when it comes to Bob Huggins.
Maryland: 4 returning starters and a couple of descent freshman will keep Maryland competitive, but can they win enough ACC games for an at-large NCAA bid? I’m thinking it’ll be the 4th year in a row the Terps will be on Spring Break.
Washington: Solid recruiting class lead by super frosh Spencer Hawes but where’s the leadership with the loss of Brandon Roy?
Georgia Tech: Two young studs lead by incoming frosh Thaddeus Young and Javaris Crittenton paired up with streaky shooter Anthony Morrow should win some, but will they tail off come February? This is too bad because I love Paul Hewitt’s 1986 porno mustache!
Florida State: Lead by do-everything forward Al Thornton, Florida State will make its presence known in the ACC, however the point guard position is a bit shady with shoot first, shoot second, pass third Auburn transfer Toney Douglas. By the way, I love Jenn Sterger.
Virginia: A phenomenal back duo lead by Sean Singletary and J.R. Reynolds that have the talent to make some noise in the ACC. Would love to see Singletary get the bigs involved more often to create an inside presence.
DePaul: All conference USA player Sammy Mejia and the rest of the starting five is back for more in 2006. Consistency is an issue although they have a great opportunity to wreak havoc in a very poor league. Also, who doesn’t want to see more of Jerry Wainwright face? I know I do! He’s a cross between Eddie Sutton, Marge Schott and Droopy the Dog!
Virginia Tech: Lead by their versatile power forward, Coleman Collins, Virginia Tech has enough in their arsenal to be a favorite sleeper candidate in the ACC. Consistency and a need for scoring will be an issue. Anyone else see the resemblance between coach Seth Greenberg and the actor that plays Sue Richards father in Crocodile Dundee?
Nevada: Lead by 47 year old Nick Fazekas (feels like he’s been in school forever!), Nevada should again coast through the WAC and expect another NCAA birth. They posses some descent skill in addition to Fazekas so Nevada may surprise some teams.
George Washington: If you hate coach Carl Elliot, raise your hand (mine is high in the air). Stop jumping up and down and violently flailing your arms on the sideline already! This isn’t dancing with the stars, this is college basketball and remember, YOU’RE IN THE ATLANTIC 10, what you accomplish does not matter!
California: Leon Powe is now a Celtic (nothing like an undersized power forward!) so Cal is left with no go to guy. DeVon Harden has enough talent to get to the league but does he have enough to lead the Bears to the post-season. The brothers Wilkes offer help offensively but I doubt they can fill it up like papa Jamaal used to do it!
Michigan State: H to the Izzo always has a strong team come tournament time due to brutal regular season schedules, but will this group of youngsters be too wounded come March?
Xavier: ATLANTIC 10, enough said!
Air Force: LOL! Coaches last name is Bzdelik!
Oregon: Too many ego’s and a lack of inside presence hurt the lame Ducks
Iowa: Iowa backwards is Awoi which means absolutely nothing, similar to what their season will amount to
Michigan: Hasn’t been good since the days of the Fab Five and like their football counterparts, they always find ways to implode

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Fantasy Football and More!

Hey sports fan, now that we’ve heard Deuce’s growing pains of not making it pro, let me tell you a little bit about myself. Growing up football has been the one constant in my life. Every Sunday with unconditional love the National Football League (NFL) has been there for me. My first and most vivid memory of watching football was the 1982 Super Bowl between the San Francisco 49ers and the Cincinnati Bengals with a giant tray of hors devours (cocktail weenies, mini egg rolls, potato puffs, etc.). When Arnold and Dudley were lured into that bike shop...when they cancelled Great American Hero...when Edna's Edibles bakery burnt down...who could I turn too...that's right the NFL. When the New Kids on the Block infiltrated America's air waves in 1986 and created the term "boy band" I turned to the NFL and witnessed the creation of the Gatorade dump by Harry Carson and the Giants. The NFL is more then just a sport, it's a companion that I've traveled with all my whole life.

Much like when the Russians dropped out of the sky unannounced in Red Dawn, fantasy football seemed to come out of no where...but just like it took getting Gizmo wet after midnight to create the Gremlins, fantasy football as we know it today didn't just happen out of no where. I went to my first draft back in 1992 and walked out with a backfield of Terry Allen (1,201yds & 12TDs) and Chris Warren (1,017yds & 3TDs). At the time there was no internet, so we'd have to wait until Monday to check the newspaper to find out how our players did. Without really thinking it through we used 1pt per yard and ended up with scores in the thousands, which wouldn't be too bad if you had a computer to do all of the adding and tracking on. I remember walking out of my first draft thinking...I'm in love...and the love affair would last through today. Today we have websites dedicated to FFL and more stats, research, TV/radio shows then I could ever have imagined. Throughout high school, college, my wedding, the birth of children, the NFL and FFL has been a part of my life.

Several years back I started up a league with 11 of my friends to create the Moron Football League. A 12 team keeper league that is the perfect outlet to make fun of each other all the while keeping in touch with them. My friends soon realized that my team/organization (The Rich Breakfast Buffet Express) was operating at a different level then was like sending the storm troopers to fight Luke Skywalker...I had the force (force: n: fantasy football knowledge gathered through the years and developed into an extra sixth sense that enables one to determine which player to start/sit, who to draft, etc.). With the conclusion of the Star Wars saga and the explosion of FFL into homes across the country, I knew it was my time to start to pass along my knowledge of FFL.

I will begin to post frequent blogs dedicated to FFL and at the same time, I hope you can trust in me to answer some of your FFL questions. Please blog your questions or directly e-mail them to us at Look forward to hearing from you, JT.

Hoops Talk and More!

We're Live!!!!

So here it is, our own very own sports blog dedicated to all aspects of hoops, football and clever societal humor and pop culture! This blog is brought to you by two regular guys who, in another life, would be shooting 3’s for the Celtics or throwing touchdown passes to Plaxico Burress. Well enough about our sorrows of not making it to the bigs, we’ll leave the sobbing to people like Britney Spears when K-Fed spends another $10 million to rap to an audience of teenagers.

Personally, I’ve been a hoops nut, freak, savant since the 1983-1984 NBA season. At the time I was only 5 years old, and while Lego’s, Hot Wheels and G.I. Joe figures seemed to dominate my attention, a team consisting of blue collar-type athletes playing in front of a blue collar-type crowd began to make their way into my life: The Boston Celtics. I began to idolize the man Bill Simmons refers to as the Basketball Jesus, none other than Larry Legend. I was hooked. That year, the Celtics topped the Lakers in an overtime, game 7 victory lead by Larry Bird, Robert Parish, Kevin McHale, Cedric “Cornbread” Maxwell, Dennis Johnson, and Gerald Henderson (little did I know that years from now his son would don the jersey of my absolute favorite sports team of all time). Basketball simply became my life and like most young jocks, I hit game winning shots in my driveway over the likes of Dr. J, Charles Barkley and Michael Jordan with unrealistic intentions of going pro!

In 1992, I was captivated by yet another team, this time it was college basketball. Down by 2, 2.6 seconds and the length of the court to go – that’s right: Duke vs. Kentucky, the best basketball game I ever witnessed. I was hooked, again…and this time the jersey of choice was…DUKE. That’s right all you haters – feel free to bring the thunder!

To make a long story short, and I think you get the hint, basketball for me is not just a sport, but an obsession. I had a descent high school career and even played a little college ball. Now, I not only watch the games, but I watch the plays being run during the games, the movements by the players, the body language of the coaches, you name it. I’m also the only white person in New Jersey working on my 5th year subscription with SLAM magazine as well as so I can monitor up and coming high school players. Yes, this is a sickness, but a sickness that I hope never goes away. With that said, I look forward to bantering with you about all aspects of basketball and sometimes other sports. Beginning October 13th (Midnight Madness), the frequency of my blogs will increase as the college hoops season begins. In the meantime, picture a five foot, eleven inch white sitting on the thrown reading SLAM magazine!!!

Speak to you soon, Deuce…